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Emacs and GChat

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I was chatting with a friend on GChat today. I found having to context switch to my browser so much to be distracting, and half-jokingly and off-handedly said: “I should setup my Emacs with GChat”.

A little Googling led me to Emacs Wiki: GoogleTalk.

These are the steps I used to get GChat running pretty quickly:

  • M-x package-list-packages, installing ‘jabber’
  • add the below to my init.el
(setq jabber-account-list
     (:network-server . "talk.google.com")
     (:connection-type . ssl))))

  • brew install gnutls since I’m on OSX
  • M-x jabber-connect-all, entering in my password at the prompt
  • Then I can switch to the *-jabber-roster-* buffer, search for my friend’s name in the list, and hit RET to start a chat with them.